Spectacular Sunrise At Lake Bled In Slovenia

we grabbed the stunning sunrise at pond Bled in Slovenia. Ojstrica is one of the most well-known areas to take pictures of Bled and several postcards and posters had been made on this precise area. A dear friend of my own once revealed me personally this area and I decided on the spot that I just need to capture a sunrise from here. We visualized the light and just how it would initially touch the mountain top and then gradually go to the palace as well as the chapel.

It was magnificent that morning once I checked the weather and conditions also it looked like I would have perfect light to take some nice pictures of Bled. But whenever we arrived to the area of town, the fog had been so dense i really could scarcely see anything. I happened to be disappointed in the beginning, but shortly noticed that if Ojstrica had been over the fog i possibly could get some good dazzling shots. Especially if the fog would slowly raise during the sunrise (which luckily did). I managed to get into top before the magic began to occur.

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