Selfie Stick Disguised As Hand making it seem like You’ve got Friends

This strange selfie-hand created by artists Justin Crowe and Aric Snee will ensure which you won’t have to take another lonely selfie ever again! Sure, you’ll nevertheless be lonely, however your selfie can look like your friend took it obtainable!

in reality, the project is a fantastic piece of social discourse on “the developing selfie stick occurrence, together with continual, gnawing requirement for narcissistic internet validation.” Crowe’s description is merciless; not merely does it solve the lonely selfie problem, but “better however, it doesn’t chat or have feelings of any type. You can also develop artificial accounts and use its little finger to like all your images; it is perhaps not you, it is the hand! ‘Selfie arm’ is made of fiberglass, is lightweight and lightweight, and fortunately just a prototype.”

keep reading for Crowe’s answers to us’s questions about their work!

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“There is a backwardness into the work of taking a selfie – one that eventually allows you to feel more alone,” Justin Crowe told united states.

“The Selfie supply is a sarcastic Band-Aid to repair that feeling looked after compromises the complete idea behind using the selfie. These tips provided delivery to your Selfie Arm”

“i’ve taken a selfie (for research reasons only, we swear) and I also liked it. We don’t take selfies often”

“The Selfie Arm is art-disguised-as-design and we are providing a finite edition of 10 musician finalized Selfie Arms at $6,200 each”

Thank you, Justin Crowe, for talking-to united states regarding your work!

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